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DIA-CIA Code Breaking Techniques Explained March 8, 2017

2017.03.09 10:06 Bigbossjock DIA-CIA Code Breaking Techniques Explained March 8, 2017

Beep Beep Beepety Beep, Code has been broken, my eyes were recently able to open, deciphered code's been written into a poem, seconds with the minutes event by event break down, novice you can become a efficient DIA-CIA code decipherer, all as takes doing is match the written poem, match the event by event breakdown to the '17 US Presidential Inaugural Speech, 17:49 long is the CBS uploaded video, computer generated movements which been produced, computer acting was all around Donald, Trump's actions coincided with the c.g.'d movements, deciphered code shows one at the podium is nothing more than a puppet, Next two days or so plan on sending the code, Conservative Conspiracy Forum soon be posting, rhyme first need to proofread along with spending another fifty five, open another case with the US Copyright Registry, wouldn't want someone steeling this material, telling me I can't use, do what I want to, with what's been written by my own hand, currently uploaded to the tube are twenty five videos, poem is some what off though from the videos, red hat poem when I'd written, then I already knew didn't see the haat on the 17:49 video, wasn't going to find the 2:00 with some seconds long clip, Red fedora salute been uploaded by NBC, same day as the inauguration, slipped up waited few days, needed move from history to favorites, no longer could I find the video, looked various times, 17:49 video their is a crime family hat salute, image after image the fedora's also some bowlers, were used as markers, next to RickyDick Cheney one was seen, RickyDick's cowboy hat on his head, face appeared over George Junior's shoulder, right hand side of Rickydick is a brown crime family fedora, Euro American male Grey derby wearer seen behind RickyDick, one side the other shifted, hat been used as a marker, marked the image of the cowboy hat wearer, RickyDick appeared over the shoulder of the package presenter, gift giver George Junior over his shoulder RickyDick appeared, Bush the package presenter been seen, March '17 appeared often in these last few days, during inauguration plastic which covered his head, protected him from the rain been the wrapping, Barrie the cult guru was the package, 2:00 with some seconds long NBC clip been used, produced to dupe the Afro American Community, Afro American male red fedora wearer, red scarf had on, sharp dressed man, used as a flag, hat held in palm of his hand, camera filmed the interior of the hat, one fell swoop placed fedora atop his head, perfectly timed his actions were, seen at the quarter second end of the image, that image led to another, showed a crowd of spectators, center of the scene appeared a middle aged Euro American, man in sync placed a grey beanie onto his head, computer generated were their actions, Subliminal programming such as those mentioned, been explained in the twenty five part video series, entitled crime family hat salute seen at presidential inauguration, uploaded by Bigbossjock Mightysevenfifty, explained are the minutes with seconds precise descriptions given, explained is how to decipher DIA-CIA code, there is no better code getter than me, Shawney the Chien, bow wow wow, I'm going to get them now, time for me be going out, nick whack patty wack, I'm going be fetching my bone, then I'll be rolling on home, Sister Angie nearly my whole life been in control, played the part of one my handlers, Iquitos Peru '14 at the church, Plaza de Armas Putumayo street, Angie with Bush Senior at her side, she looked back at me, winked her eye, said code she writes, of all the code writers Angie is known as the best, no DIA-CIA Agents are better, she continued one day I'd be able to decipher the code, than me no one is better, one day I wouldn't need to live in squander, wink of the eye she gave me, with Bush stayed stride, from me they both walked away, mumbled while keeping pace, she looked forward to that day, I encourage people to watch the videos, Zucker I feel is not showing the hits, not the real number of how many people viewed the clips, been on there for months, Baltimore riots the poem has been written, already registered at the US Copyright Registry, if people are interested I could upload the poem, has the minutes with seconds, CNN international I analyzed, riots viewed I did Monday thru Friday, analyzed each day Thursday night been quite a production, purple markers were used in the graphic bar, matched a woman purple coat wearer, sidewalk stood near a corner, jumbo camera dark clothed figure ran, behind the woman's back he passed, seen seconds before the staged scene was explained, camera people being confused as protesters, could of been muggers, when people don't have proper credentials, situation isn't secure, that was the reporting, women in purple coat threatened by suspicious dark clothed camera person, scene been computer generated was used as a leader, Black white race fight, I explained the programming which Yankee Sam been using to promote the race fight, what's going on is all by design, learn to decipher the code, once you do be able see clearly, realize you've been deceived, time to open your eyes, begin to live free your lives, freedom you'll find diving inside, being able to connect with the sub conscious mind, people are trapped locked up inside, Thanks for allowing me post on the Conservative Conspiracy Forum, I plan to continue on with the protest, went well today March 8, 2017, plan on being out in front of the F.B.I. Office again tomorrow, didn't make my way to the courthouse today, tomorrow I'll try to stop by though, Bigbossjock Radio Show, everyday Monday thru Friday I'll be doing the wandering remote, Churn Creek with Mistletoe, Redding California you're all invited you do know, like to thank our God, one only God Father in Heaven Allah, he's right here inside, inside of me, Father in Heaven helps me line by line, years together we've been doing the rhyme, Haven't mentioned much about Jesus Christ, Christianity has become a disgrace, every December Capitalist Celebration Day, every year trampling over each other, in the stores trying make the buys, shows where is placed Yankee American's faith, they remember Christs sacrafices by celebrating a funny bunny, they find more plausible the story of Santa Clown, than believing in the teachings of their Prophet Jesus Christ, Yankee American Christian is about the funny bunny with the Santa Clown, Yankee Sam's wood, shouting out G.D. over again over during the scenes, often followed up with a mention of his maggot son, go ahead tag that word with an f, Yankee as a group are the frolicking fornicators, poems have been written, eight hundred pages, some will be deemed master pieces, writings of such quality never seen before, stanza after stanza, 450 stanzas sandwiches, bun on the outside meat in center, been doing MKultra programming lines most all of my life, encourage any one who chooses, feel at ease to come join me, will continue on with the protest for as long needs be, I will protest my way out of slavery, Good Night thanks for reading the rhyme, let me know if some one is interested in the Baltimore Riots Poem, has to do with what is going on today, never know you might find the rhyme interesting, the videos already been uploaded, please help disseminate the information,, this rhyme been written by Bigbossjock Mightysevenfifty
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