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Drake and Kanye West's beef almost got deadly!

2020.10.25 02:09 PrettyAnywhere1579 Drake and Kanye West's beef almost got deadly!

Drake's beef with Kanye West looks like a simple conflict between two rich men but below that simplistic surface was a lot of dangerous activities that threatened real lives. After Pusha T and Kanye West dealt a blow to Drake's career, he felt like getting revenge against them and it almost happened. One thing to know about Drake's lyrics that Joe Budden said in his podcast is that all of his lyrics have meaning. Drake never wastes a single line or uses meaningless lines.
ans received the first clue that the beef was bubbling hot from Drake's song Survival on Scorpion.
"I have tea with the stars and I swim with the sharks
And I see in the dark, wasn't this cold at the start
Think my soul has been marked, there's a hole in my heart
Yeah, I was about to— Man, I thought about it
It's unsettlin' to talk about it
Free all of my niggas that they caught with it"
In these lines Drake admits to becoming a colder and darker person. In the third line he says, "Yeah, I was about to...". At first some fans speculated that Drake thought about killing himself, but he was actually thinking about killing someone else and that person is Kanye or Pusha T.
Nonstop is littered with shots at Kanye West. A lot of the subliminal lyrics are cryptic and one would think nothing of them on first listen. Drake starts the song off by saying, "Look, I just flipped a switch" which means he has transitioned from his calmer "softer" side to a more aggressive side and this is reflected by the hard rapping over the Tay Keith beat. So Drake gives us insight on his attitude towards the beef, he's on full aggressive mode.
"Bodies start to drop, ayy (Hit the floor)". In this line, Drake talks about people dying while referencing Drowning Pool's song "Bodies".
"This the flow that got the block hot, shit got super hot, ayy". This line is extremely cryptic because on the surface it looks like Drake is just referencing his collaboration with Tay Keith and Blocboy JB but he's also talking about how his house lives on the same block as Kanye West and how their feud got "hot" or in other words deadly. Drake did the same thing on Sicko Mode when he talked about living close to Kanye West, " I crept down the block (Down the block)". Sicko Mode is another song where Drake reveals how the beef with Kanye got deadly but I'll get on that later. Furthermore, if you analyze this song, you'll realize that Drake isn't using the same flow he used on Look Alive. So saying "this the flow that got the block hot" couldn't simply be a reference to that song. And he also says, "shit got super hot", which is a subtle affirmation of how the beef got really bad.
"I just took it left like I'm ambidex". Taking something left is an idiom for when a situation doesn't go as expected or goes badly. Drake is admitting to taking the beef with Kanye "left" which means he did something really bad.
"Pullin' back the curtain by myself, take a look, ayy
I'm a bar spitta, I’m a hard hitta
Yeah I’m light-skinned, but I'm still a dark nigga
I'm a wig splitta, I'm a tall figure
I'm a unforgivin' wild-ass dog nigga ". Drake pulls the curtains back to reveal who he truly is as a person. The second line about being a bar spitta is not relevant but the next three are very important. "Yeah I'm lightskinned but im still a dark nigga" is a hilarious line but a truthful one about how he's a dark person. Earlier in the album, Drake talks about how he became darker. This means he's no longer the soft sensitive guy we used to know him as. The line, "I'm a wig splitta, I'm a tall figure", is Drake's way of saying that he is willing to get people killed. Splitting someone's wig means shooting them in the head. "I'm an unforgivin' wild-ass dog nigga", basically means that Drake is more than willing to go the extra mile during beef. That can include getting violent etc.
"Had a moment but it came and went
(They don't love you no more)
You don’t wanna play with him (Nah, nah, nah)
They’ll be mournin' you like 8AM (R.I.P.)" Drake continues to subliminally reference Kanye West in these lines. "Had a moment but it came and went" is a reference to Kanye West's album Ye that dropped on June 1st and Drake is basically saying that his album was a moment that didn't last. He almost whispers "they don't love you no more" to acknowledge how Kanye West has become less favorable with fans. "You don't wanna play with him", is a warning about how no one should mess with Drake or else they'll face consequences. And, "They'll be mournin' you like 8AM (R.I.P.)", is another line in the same song where Drake talks about how he'll get someone killed if the beef escalates to that scenario. To summarize everything, Drake subliminally dissed Kanye West in those lines and said his album came and went, said fans don't love him anymore, and said messing with him will get you killed.
8 Out Of 10
"The neighborhood is smokey, y'all stay safe in this place" Drake is referencing the neighborhood of Calabasas that both he and Kanye West live in. "Smoke" is also a slang term for beef or confrontation. He's basically saying that beef was happening in their neighborhood.
"They been keepin' tabs on me like I'm payin' next time
I think I sense a little fear from the other side
White vans parked across the street, real subtle guys (True)" Drake is basically saying that Kanye West (who lives half a mile away) was keeping tabs on him and hired people in white vans for protection. I'm no expert but it was probably FBI in those white vans. Kanye West did that because Drake was threatening his safety and possibly his life.
Mob Ties
There isn't much that needs to be explained about this song because it's so blatant about how Drake wanted to get Kanye West knocked off with his mob ties. He literally says, " I fuck with the mob and I got ties (Lotta ties, lotta ties), Knock you off to pay their tithes". An important thing to know is that his mob ties is J Prince aka the Hip-Hop boogeyman and his affiliates.
Can't Take A Joke
This is another song where Drake talks about his beef with Kanye. The first verse starts off about how they live in the same neighborhood of Hidden Hills, California and that Kanye West "knows the deal" if he comes there. In other words, Kanye knows that he's gonna get fucked up next time he pulls up to hidden hills. He further acknowledges the subliminal reference to Kanye in the line, "you could hit it with a stone", a metaphor for how close he lives to him. Drake also admits to kicking Kanye West out of Calabasas in the lines,
"Niggas think they run the town
'Til we run 'em out of town
And they gotta relocate
Gotta dip from where they stay
Everything will be okay
Man, just stay up out my way"

In the second verse, Drake shouts out Reps Up OVO and talks about how they "crash and splash" which is a slang term in the UK for shooting and stabbing. Reps Up OVO is what many of Drake's friends like Baka, Chubbs, Preme, Gillatein, and Fif are associated with. All of those people have criminal records, came from the streets, and are also Drake's muscle for when he needs to deal with somebody.
Sicko Mode (2018)
We all know how Drake's verse on this song is about he wanted to harm Kanye West.
Never Recover (2018)
"I got a 19 and it fold in my pocket", Drake is possibly threatening Kanye by bragging about how he has a foldable Glock 19 that he carries in his pocket.
'I wanna be there when somebody catches him
I want a witness to see that shit", might be a reach, but Drake could possibly be talking about how he wants to be there to witness when Kanye West finally gets hurt by someone.
No Stylist
"And that's Capo in the back, and that's swole in the back
Don't need Gucci on my back, TVGucci got my back
Don't know where y'all niggas at, I've been here, I've been back
In Delilah, word to Zack, I need action, that's a fact", after dissing Kanye West's popular shoe brand, Yeezy, Drake shouts out his "shooters"/"goons" Capo, Swole, and TV Gucci and talks about how Kanye is nowhere to be found. The last line, "I need action that's a fact", means that Drake needs violence. Basically, Drake shouted out his goons to threaten Kanye West and talked about how Kanye is nowhere to be found.
"West Hollywood, know my presence is menacing
Cosa Nostra, shady dealings
Racketeering, the syndicate got they hand in plenty things
The things that we've done to protect the name are unsettling
But no regrets, though, the name'll echo
Years later, none greater
Death to a coward and a traitor, that's just in my nature, yeah"
I wanted to highlight these lines because they're more direct and to the point about this threads topic although this song contains other lines with a similar angle. To summarize this set of lyrics, Drake shouts out his mob ties and in the last line references Pusha T (coward) and Kanye West (traitor).
Further Evidence
There are probably more lyrics from other songs like War, Behind Barz, Only You Freestyle, even Kanye's song No Mistes that reveal how Drake almost physically harmed Kanye but I feel like the evidence presented is exhaustive and more than enough to make the point. Moving on, there is further proof outside of lyrics to show how scary the situation became.
In one of Kanye's tweet rants he accused Drake of threatening him over the phone
Dj Akademiks says that he talked with Drake and told him that he let the fans down by not replying to Pusha T and that Drake replied by saying, "this shit was taking me to a dark place, it was going to go beyond music". https://youtu.be/aOS12wCK8EE?t=381
Further in the video, DJ Akademiks says, "I heard there was shit going on in, which is funny, Calabasas. Calabasas was the streets". https://youtu.be/aOS12wCK8EE?t=695
Shortly after subliminally dissing Pusha T on Final's Freestyle, Drake's friend Preme aka P. Reign, also talks about how he caught someone in public and how that person was "ducking behind the curtains" and then says Drake showed mercy by not having him hurt that person. This is likely in reference to Kanye West. https://youtu.be/-iDJm2XN3Vc?t=130
In the Shop Episode 2 Interview, Drake says he "I wanted to do other things, I didn't want to rap back and further your career". "Other things" is probably a subtle reference to harming Kanye or Pusha T. https://vimeo.com/298739887
Kanye West starts to get very flustered and stutters while talking about Drake in his interview with WCGI. He accuses Drake of sending him purple demon emojis. Kanye then stutters while trying to find a way to subtly acknowledge how Drake took the beef to a violent point, "I don't play in that place, what I'm saying is...I'm not a gangster, what I'm saying is"... "Ain't nobody going to jail...". Kanye then subtly acknowledges how Drake uses goons with a mocking tone, "And I'm not calling nobody to do nothing because I gotta owe that person and I got all these people on my payroll".
Drake has made many instagram posts dissing Kanye with purple demon emojis, etc. but one interesting one is captioned "snipe you from miles", a reference to Kanye West's lyrics about Drake in No Mistakes on Ye, " Too close to snipe you, truth told, I like you, Too bold to type you, too rich to fight you". https://www.instagram.com/p/Bk3kWFwHoaX/?hl=en Drake also makes a W with his hands to reference the initial of Kanye's last name.

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2019.07.23 15:57 Ron314 Power season 6 theory ?

I think the chi town hittas gone come back and be pretty upset that tommy still has not got rid of ghost . I also think tyreak will find Coke in his sister room changing his prospective on Tasha. I also think Tommy mom house will get shot up putting Tommy in a fucked up space. Also think Keisha will be just like Holly with pushing tommy to leave ghost alone and I think Keisha will empty out her account fully removing her self from Tasha and tasha maybe go try snatch money out and find out she has no funds plus Tasha will find out about silver being dead and here DNA may be on the body. I think the black FBI dude will get killed . I think Angie will die witch will bring her sister back in play. I think we will find out who Maria ppls is too cause she DNT got enough evidence to get ghost booked. I think tyreak will get caught stealing from the plug and that will force ghost hands to come at tommy like first kanan now u trying put my son in harm's way they will either have to come together to save tyreak maybe taken out the mob boss. Then we still got the Jimenez sister and Dre ? I think Angie dies so that sweet deal he once had will go up in smoke forcing Dre to come out of hiding. I think proctor holds tommy faith he still has laptop . And chi town hittas are still in play, they probably kid nap ghost but ghost always steps ahead of everybody. And some information may come out and tyreak n tommy may have to save ghost are tyreak may have to choose between uncle Tommy are ghost. Just like when jukebox had tyreak and Kanan n ghost had to click up. My question is what do yah think cause Tate still has not shown his full had remember he told ghost he could be far worse or individual you should know. But what did that mean Tate has a past and one person on the show that I would think would know are find out is Tasha sad to say but the woman has a record for sleeping with men that are close to ghost. Shawn, silver, maybe Tasha tells ghost u took everything from me and maybe to get her so called life back maybe once she realise Keisha got tommy and that there brother n sister bond may be hanging in the balance maybe she shoot her shot at the only surviveing black dude still standing next to ghost, Tate.
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