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2020.10.30 02:17 SnoPumpkin Dating Advice

So I recently moved and tried to meet new people and maybe find a close friend through dating sites. I got to meet some nice people, but nothing really happens after that. I feel like the fact that I don’t realy comment on their looks, or do what non aces do, prevents me of getting to now them better, because they feel like im not interested in them. What is your take ? Dos anyone got some similar experiences aswell ?
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2020.10.30 02:17 Armchair_Detectives Why does the cause of Gulf War Syndrome continue to be unexplained?

Gulf War Syndrome is a chronic disorder in which multiple symptoms are seen among Veterans from the 1990-1991 Gulf War. Despite decades of study and some discoveries as to possible causes of some of the symptoms, the exact cause of the Illness remains a mystery.
On August 2nd 1990, the Iraqi Army invaded its neighbour, Kuwait. A Coalition of 35 Countries including the United Kingdom and United States launched Combat Operations to push Iraqi forces out of Kuwait and then rolled them miles back into Iraqi Territory before declaring a ceasefire and victory within 100 hours of ground combat operations starting.
In total some 956,000 Coalition Troops took part in the campaign, including over 700,000 U.S. Troops. Many of these were soon demobilised and sent back home while a smaller contingent remained in Saudi Arabia to monitor Iraq in future.
The Illness Discovered and Studied
From 1995 to 2005, Medical Agency's began to note a growing worsening in the health of Gulf War combat veterans in comparison to Veterans who hadnt been deployed at the same time. While this has primarily affected U.S. Troops it has been also noted among smaller numbers of Danish, British and Australian Troops.
At first these appeared to be limited to the frequency of developing chronic diseases, functional impairments and regular hospitalization. Other areas of health that began to be seen as related in these studies were growing infant birth defects and mortality rates in children conceived by these Veterans after the conflict when compared with the same rates in children they conceived prior to deployment.
Studies made in the early 2000's also found that these symptoms weren't related to combat stressors or PTSD and in fact found that many listed as suffering with 'Gulf War Syndrome' have a lower incidence rate of PTSD then Combat Veterans of other wars.
In 2010, a Department of Veterans Affairs report on a study by the Institute of Medicine found that of the roughly 700,000 American service personnel who served in the Gulf War, around 250,000 continue to suffer with the symptoms of what the Institute of Medicine called 'Gulf War Illness'.
Common Symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome
In more then 20% of Gulf War Syndrome sufferers, persistent and long term fatigue is a symptom. Considered one of the most common symptoms of the Syndrome it typically responds to treatment.
With just under 20% reporting suffering from persistent headaches it is the second most common symptom of the Syndrome. Due to the arbitrary nature of such a problem it is difficult to establish Gulf War Syndrome from just this symptom.
Memory and Neurological Problems
Accounting for between 16% and 32% of the symptoms reported by Gulf War Syndrome Patients, a large variety of issues from visual and auditory problems linked to neurological issues as well as difficulty with short term memory have been found.
Terminal Tumours
The most serious of symptoms linked to Gulf War Syndrome, with over 30% of confirmed cases suffering with it at some point, the incidences of brain and gastro-intestinal tumours is higher in those that served in the Gulf War when compared to troops who weren't deployed.
Less Serious Symptoms
Diarrhea, Indigestion, Dietary problems and Muscular Pains are all lesser recognised symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome. None are particularly life threatening but are considered life altering in the more serious cases.
Birth Defects
Not recognised officially as a symptom of Gulf War Syndrome but considered as related to it by many is the increase in Birth Defects among children conceived by Veterans of the Gulf War after deployment.
A study in the 1990's found that infants born to Male Veterans of the Gulf War had a more likely chance of developing one of two heart valve defects. A second study found that some children born to Gulf War Veterans after the war had a particular Kidney Defect that children they had before the war didnt have.
A 2008 report stated that studies of other Coalition nations incidences of Gulf War Syndrome found now correlation with Birth Defects and this suggested it isnt related. The report stated that while the rate of defects was significant among Gulf War Veterans it was still within the normal range found in the American population. This same report stated more detailed studies are needed into the issue though it isnt clear if this has taken place.
Non-specific inflammation
Studies of both living and deceased sufferers of Gulf War Syndrome has shown a widespread non-specific inflammation of the central nervous system that would explain many of the symptoms of the illness.
Further studies into this have been called for and to date one of the only major discoveries was a pathologically persistent increase in Cytokines, a small protein used to move cells around the body.
Potential Causes
During the Conflict in the Gulf, Troops were exposed to new experiences and conditions that combat forces had never experienced in the history of human warfare. Many experts believe the cause of Gulf War Syndrome lies somewhere in one or more of these unusual conditions.
Nerve Agent Pills
All Troops deploying to the Gulf knew the dangers posed by the stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons the Iraqi forces possessed and much training carried out was specifically about safety when under chemical or biological attack.
Pyridostigmine Bromide Pills were issued to all the Troops in 90mg doses to help them cope with the potential symptoms of such an attack.The pills had been in use since 1955 and were designed to increase the chemicals and enzymes the body produced to move signals to and from the brain and have been suggested many times in reports and studies as a likely source of the Neurological symptoms evident in Gulf War Syndrome.
While it is FDA approved, it was found after the war that no detailed studies had been made of the long term effects the drug might have on the human body or the effects it might have if passed on to an infant in the womb.
Originally developed by Nazi Germany, Sarin is an extremely toxic, Synthetic Organophosphate Compound that has been used a chemical weapon due to its potency as a nerve agent. It causes death in 1 to 10 minutes of exposure to a lethal dose and can leave lasting neurological damage in those that survive exposure.
Sarin works by slowing and eventually stopping the neurotransmitter enzymes that allow the brain to send and receive signals. Due to this, most victims of Sarin tend to die by asphyxiation when the brain becomes unable to control breathing.
In March 1988, Saddam Hussein ordered the Iraqi Airforce to bomb the Kurdish people living in Northern Iraq. Chemical weapons including Sarin were used in these attacks and at least 5000 people are known to have died as a result. Iraq also used Sarin Gas to aid in recapturing territory in the final days of the Iran Iraq War.
During the Gulf War chemical alarms were sounded more then 18,000 times and all forces identified traces of chemical weapon compounds during the conflict. Bombing by coalition air forces of Iraqi Chemical and Biological weapon facilities was also considered a factor in the spread of dangerous particles into the air.
In 1994, a report entitled 'U.S. Chemical and Biological Warfare-Related Dual Use Exports to Iraq and their Possible Impact on the Health Consequences of the Gulf War' found that the United States had sold large amounts of Chemical and Biological weapons to Iraq in the 1980's and while many such weapons had been used against the Kurds and Iran, it was the potential use of them against Coalition forces during the Gulf War and the contamination that may have been caused by improper storage and handling of these weapons that was under investigation in this report as a potential link to Gulf War Syndrome.
Burning Oil Wells
While retreating from Kuwait during the Gulf War, the Iraqi forces set fire to more then 700 of Kuwaits oil wells. Many of these fires took more then 11 months to be extinguished, during this time some 6 million barrels of oil were burned per day.
At the peak of the fires the thick black smoke stretched for thousands of miles, estimated to have absorbed up to 80% of the sun's radiation. Carbon soot and acidic rain that could be compared to that of localised fallout was experienced by countries all across the Persian Gulf and the health and environmental effects of this are still being felt there even today.
It has been often described as possibly the single most unique factor in the Gulf War that would explain the lack of Gulf War Syndrome sufferers in more modern conflicts.
Depleted Uranium Weapons
Depleted Uranium Shells were the primary armament of U.S. Tanks in the Gulf War, these weapons had never been used on a large scale before. Over the years, considerable evidence has emerged to suggest that troops exposed to these munitions may suffer with Neurological Symptoms, Cancer Growths and Heavy Metal Illnesses.
While experts remain divided on whether or not it is a contributing factor in Gulf War Syndrome, after the 2003 Iraq war in which these munitions were used again it was found that Iraq had the highest incidence rate of Leukemia in the world.
Considering the health impacts that small radioactive particles from depleted Uranium weapons could have if ingested by troops in the field. It remains a less commonly supported culprit for Gulf War Syndrome.
Since 2011, U.S. Veterans can claim disability for health problems caused by exposure to Depleted Uranium Munitions.
Vaccination Cocktail
Multiple Vaccinations including for anthrax and botulinum were administered to all troops before deployment to the Persian Gulf, many of these Vaccinations were in the form of so-called 'cocktails' of different vaccines in order to expedite the deploying of combat ready troops.
During studies into common factors that may explain Gulf War Syndrome, some experts stumbled upon the substance known as Squalene. Possibly used to increase the potency of the vaccines being administered, its use for this purpose would have been illegal.
In 2008, over 350 former Gulf War veterans were tested and were found to have antibodies related to Squalene in their blood. Also troops that were inoculated but never deployed overseas also tested positive for the antibodies suggesting the vaccines were the cause.
British and Danish personnel were also found to have the antibodies and while for many involved in the study this seemed to indicate a likely relationship with Gulf War Syndrome it cannot be the whole story as troops that didnt deploy overseas weren't affected by it later in life. Also it was found that because of the variety of deployment locations for the conflict only 50%-75% of troops recieved any one type of vaccine making it difficult to attribute Gulf War Syndrome to this.
Various pesticides were employed by both high and low altitude aircraft during the conflict as well as in other more localised forms to try and keep down the swarms of insects and their associated diseases that the deserts of the Persian Gulf are known for.
The long term potential damage of exposure to military grade pesticides has often been a subject of some debate though the well known effects of agricultural pesticides on civilian populations has seen increased calls for a detailed study of the chemicals used during the Gulf War.
The Neurological conditions suffered by Gulf War Syndrome sufferers have been compared to those of civilian populations affected by pesticides and would certainly suggest a chemical cause such as by nerve agents or pesticides to be a likely factor.
Microwave Radiation
During the Gulf War, high powered microwave emissions were used to jam Iraqi communications and Radar sites. Exposure to powerful microwaves is known to cause brain damage, deep tissue burns and tumour growth.
Its unclear if any detailed studies have been made of the potential exposure to such radiation troops may have had during the conflict. Many reports of Military Grade Microwave radiation in laboratory studies have shown that neurological damage can be severe and can lead to sleep deprivation and memory loss.
Other studies by non-governmental organisations have found that the safeguards used during deployment of Military Grade Microwave technology is too lenient and puts personnel and civilian populations at risk.
A detailed report in recent years stated that the truth of the cause of Gulf War Syndrome must lie in something unique to the conflict as the normal effects of combat both physically and mentally do not explain all the symptoms or the large variety of symptoms experienced.
What do you believe lies at the heart of Gulf War Syndrome?
Wikipedia Link
Wikipedia Gulf War Link
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2020.10.30 02:02 ripdontcare Widow/Widowers and dating

I’ve been a widow for over a year. I’ve been in therapy, upped my meds, joined widow/widowers groups, wrote in my journals, and packed up all of my boyfriends possessions for his son (my boyfriend died without a will, so I packed up and gave everything to his son in the last month). I’ve dated off and on and it was obvious I was not ready to date someone seriously. Now I am.
I met a widower three weeks ago on an Online Dating site. We’ve been taking it slow, but I’m a bit worried. It’s been 4 years, but his house is full of his dead wife’s mementos, art and pictures. There are shelves and shelves of her stuff, the walls are covered with her pictures, and lots of her art is hanging in every room. Is he totally stuck? Is there hope for a place for me?
I have practically nothing in my house of my boyfriend..that’s probably too much in the other extreme..but I’m relieved to have a break from the constant reminders... and of course my new guy talks about his wife a lot, but I do too. It turns out he has a lot of anxiety, too, but so do I!
Thanks for listening.
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2020.10.30 02:02 FuzzyOneAdmin Here’s why Ethereum bulls don’t care about Friday’s $40M ETH options expiry

This post was originally published on this siteThis post was originally published on this siteIn the last few days Bitcoin (BTC) price rallied within a hair of the $14,000 level and Ether (ETH) followed with a similarly strong performance but the altcoin failed to hold above the $400 physiological support.  Bitcoin and Ethereum year-to-date performance. Source: Digital Assets Data Although Ether price […]
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2020.10.30 01:56 cdm85 L5-S1 fusion

I just had my L5-S1 fusion done on Tuesday morning. I’ve been dealing with back pain for years. I was still working for the local newspaper when I has back pain going on, and even had xrays taken of my back while in high school. My primary doc sent me to PT, which I did for a few months with no relief.funny enough, it seemed like working for Walmart actually heLord, I don’t know if it was because I was constantly on the move or what. But I know Walmart didn’t do my back any favors, in terms of lifting. I didn’t always use proper life techniques (when it gets closer to the end of your shift and you’re tired, you just don’t care). I’ve seen my doc and his PA regarding my back, and they just said it was sciatica, that it will clear up if I just walk or exercise. No diagnostics or imaging or anything, finally, this past summer, I had some real bad back pain days, I said fuck it and made an appointment with an orthopedics office, as they didn’t need a referral.
They took xrays first. Then the NP went over the images with me and showed me the L5-S1 disc was much thinner than the either discs. She prescribed oral steroids and musc,e relaxants. I gave both a try, though I knew it wasn’t goi g to help. Saw the NP again, and she got around to setting me up with the local hospital to have a myelogram procedure done for further imaginings. I have bilateral cochlear implants, so I was unable to do an mri. Went in for the myelogram, and ended up having to spend the night at the hospital because I kept nearly passing out whenever I got up. That was a blast, not. Got home the next day, followed up with NP. She suggested lumbar steroid injection, which I agreed to, and it was done that same day. Was sore for a few days from the injections. Then finally it seemed like I was getting some relief, my pain dropped from 6-7 to about 3ish, and I had more mobility. Unfortunate,y that only lasted a few days and my pain started coming back again. Followed up with NP again, and she suggested I see the back specialist on site, which I was ok with. Set up an appointment and got to see the back specialist.
He went over the xrays and myelogram images, and we discussed doing a fusion surgery. He wanted a disco gram done first, to be sure that fusions was the right step to take. Two weeks later, had the discogram done at a smaller hospital. Felt pain in the L5-S1 area when the doc injected the liquid. Had to wait about a month before I could follow up with the specialist, and we agreed to do surgery, was expecting to do surgery sometime during November,ber.
I was at the orthopedics clinic for a follow upon my hand and I spoke with the specialist’s nurse, and she said “we can do this surgery next Tuesday since we had a cancellation, or we can do it on Dec 4.” Holy crap my nerves went crazy. Called my mom, and thought about it, I wanted to get this over with sooner rather than later. Called the nurse and told her I would take the Tuesday date. No way in hell I could wait another month and having to deal with daily pains. So I’m booked. Had blood labs done and MRSA test the next day, saw the specialist’s PA to go over what the surgery entails, and a COVID test the Monday before surgery date. Oh shit, this is real, it’s happening!
Checked in at 6am Tuesday morning, with surgery scheduled to start at 7:30. Expected to last about 1.5-2 hours. Surgery actually lasted about 3 hours. Turns out my disc was really smashed up, and he had difficulties getting all the disc out. But surgery went well. Spent a night at the hospital, recovering and staying on top of the pain, getting used to moving in a different way. While I was in recovery, doc spoke with my mom and told her about the condition of my disc, and he was surprised u was even still walking.
Holy damn, I can lay on my back and not be in such pain! That was the first thing I noticed.
It is now Thursday and so far so good. Still have some pain in the lower back as expected, from the incisions and what the specialist did. My legs have been cranky, achy all over and just uncomfortable. Have hydrocodone and flexeril to taken, though I’m already weaning off the hydro. Next step would be to go home, and see how I can handle being by myself. Right now I’m at my mom’s, taking it slow and easy.
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2020.10.30 01:50 Dezkin Daily COVID-19 Report for Clark County - Thursday, Oct 29th

Clark County COVID-19 positives as of Thursday, Oct 29th:
80794, ⬆️690 from 80104 (10/28)
16-day tracking estimates:
------- Current # COVID-19 in ICU:
# COVID-19 on ventilator:
# Staffed ICU beds inventory:
# Ventilators available: 669 (10/28)
# Ventilators in use: 244 (10/28)
# Ventilators inventory: 913 (10/28)
SNHD reports 90.3% (72974, ⬆️553 from 72421 (10/28)) of cases have recovered.
Total Hospitalized: 5955*, ⬆️39 from 5916 (10/28)
*Hospitalized excludes deaths
Total Deaths: 1508, ⬆️2 from 1506 (10/28)
(1111 with underlying medical conditions)
Not mutually exclusive conditions:
Positive Results Age Range Breakdown:
MIS-C Cases 11
Hospitalized Age Range Breakdown:
Deaths Age Range Breakdown:
"Daily case counts reflect newly reported cases and may represent cases that were tested in the preceding days, which could significantly impact the count on days when a relatively large number of laboratory reports arrive in one day." SNHD confirmed they are not counting COVID-19 antibody positives into their COVID-19 positive case counts.
Majority of information is pulled from Southern Nevada Health District's COVID-19 dashboard and historical reports.
Our positives are staying stagnant about 500/day, our recovery rate continues to rise (90+% range), and our hospitalizations are remaining stable (under 500). Protect our vulnerable and continue to practice good hygiene habits, including wearing a mask to prevent asymptomatic spread as mandated by Governor Sisolak (onus is on businesses, which we want to keep open, but Metro will not enforce it; OSHA is responsible for mask enforcement by fining the business). To report a non-compliant business through the state, call (702) 486-9020 or (775) 688-3700.
Doctors are doing convalescent plasma therapy treatments and are seeking plasma donors to help those in need. One plasma donation can help five patients. Blood donors can get the antibodies testing done for free.
FDA states 144 trials of therapeutics are underway to treat COVID-19. 457 more are in planning stages. Remdesivir has been FDA approved as a COVID-19 treatment (10/22). Despite recent studies showing that Remdesivir do not help in preventing COVID-19 deaths. Dexamethaaone is FDA approved for emergency base use.
Nevada was approved for the 24-hour test procedure. FDA has approved a 30-minute and a 5-minute testing procedures. UNLV provides the main COVID-19 testing services. The first at-home testing kit was FDA approved on 5/15.
If you live within a 1-mile range of the Wal-Mart on Craig Rd, you qualify for a drone-delivered test kit to your front or back door.
Testing sites require an appointment; some may need to be scheduled by your primary care physician or another authorized provider.
During Thursday (11/5) and Friday (11/6), 8am to noon Silverado High School (1650 Silver Hawk Ave, near Spencer and I-215) will be providing free testing. Source
City Serve coordinates testing sites throughout the valley. Testing is only on Saturdays. Schedule a no-cost test here:
The antibodies test was approved by the FDA a month ago. UMC, E7 Health and local laboratories are able to conduct antibodies testing. Cost is normally $149+, but your insurance may reimburse you for the test. Check your coverage first. Vitalant/Universal Blood Services will do a free antibody test for any eligible donors.
UMC is able to process 4,000 tests per day. It is encouraged for anyone to be tested. Symptoms are no longer required. Appointment is preferred, walk-up testing is available.
UMC's testing sites are inside Thomas & Mack Center and Cashman Field Center. They can do 1,200 tests per day, Tues-Sat 8am to 4pm. No symptoms, insurance, or citizenship required for testing. Schedule an appointment online through UMC's website ( A staff member will contact you back to schedule your appointment. According to their reps, there is no limit how often you can get tested. Sites are walk-in, appointment or walk-up. Both sites now use the self-nasal swab test kits.
UMC updates COVID-19 test guidelines:
New guidelines are to save test kits for those exhibiting symptoms.
See all testing locations on the SNHD website.
All CVS pharmacy drive-thru locations also does testing, no cost should be associated with this test. Validate with your insurance. If no insurance, there should be no charge. Requires an appointment scheduled.
Five months ago, the first vaccine was tested. More than 160 vaccine prototypes are being tested. Clinical trials of the vaccine were administered three months ago. Phase 1 & 2 of trial vaccines have completed with positive antibody results. Phase 3 clinical trials started with 30k volunteers; large test size of 3k vaccine test trials in the UK. Africa started their vaccine trials three months ago. Multiple sources stating to expect an FDA approved vaccine by end of the year.
Of the 100+ vaccines submitted, 22 have made the cut to go through testing and final FDA approval phases (5/15 briefing). The front runner vaccine is conducting human trails (Phase 3 aka final stage), completion date is pending. AstraZeneca is prepared to produce 2 billion doses once the vaccine is FDA approved.
US government is working with four vaccine manufacturers who are in the final phases of vaccine trials, all prepared for massive vaccine output once FDA approval is given. Worldwide, six are in Phase III.
Phase 3 vaccine trials for Vegas has started. Volunteers can call 702-893-8968. Must be 18+. Administered by the Wake Clinical Research Center of Nevada. Source.
Remain mindful to give our medical community the ability to focus on those in need of their expertise to survive and combat the virus.
For Nevada COVID-19 metrics, with historical spreadsheet and graph data, visit: The Nevada Independent Coronavirus Tracking or check out the link in our side bar.
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2020.10.30 01:36 AbenakiBear Invisible to women

I never pictured myself being single this long. No matter how many times I try putting myself on dating sites or join social groups, I get no interest whatsoever. I’m 46, in excellent health, physically fit look young for my age, full head of hair, make over six figures, same job for over 20 years, own a nice home in a great town, no drug/alcohol/gambling problems, no mental health issues, no crazy exes, no kids. I cook and clean, I’m positive and funny and warm, and empathetic. And still, I’m invisible. I must be overlooking something but other than being under 6’ (I’m 5’7”) I can’t come up with anything. I’m not clingy or weird, I’m secure and happy with my life other than this issue - I have a number of female friends but they’re all already in relationships of course.
Part of me feels that maybe I don’t present a challenge, or maybe (generalizing) most women are too insecure to date someone with a lot going for them so they date down. Maybe guys with issues are more exciting? I really don’t know what I can do to attract a partner. I just want someone I can pamper, take on trips, explore new places and hobbies, and take care of physically and emotionally...
If you’re out there, please find me soon before I become jaded and weary...
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2020.10.30 01:08 Pretty_iin_Pink NSW reports 0 new local cases and 6 new overseas cases - 🍩

NSW reports 0 new local cases and 6 new overseas cases - 🍩

𝗡𝗲𝘄 𝗖𝗮𝘀𝗲𝘀 𝗶𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗹𝗮𝘀𝘁 𝟮𝟰 𝗵𝗼𝘂𝗿𝘀

  • 6 are returned overseas traveller in hotel quarantine.
  • 0 local cases = no community transmission! 🍩

𝗡𝗼𝘁𝗲𝘀 + 𝗡𝗲𝘄𝘀:

1. NSW Health can advise there has been an additional case reported since 8pm last night in south west Sydney. This case attended the Flip Out Prestons Indoor Trampoline Park, Unit B/238 Hoxton Park Road, Prestons on Sunday 25 October. This case will be reported in tomorrow’s numbers.
2. Framework for National Reopening
3. Public health alert - new venues [29 October 2020]
4. Public health alert - new venues [28 October 2020]
5. Stay safe from COVID-19 this Halloween [28 October 2020]

𝗖𝗮𝘀𝗲 + 𝗧𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝗦𝘂𝗺𝗺𝗮𝗿𝘆

Last updated 11:00 AM [30/10] ✅ New Data ✅ - "Active cases" are updated during the day, when the data is released.
Click on link/image to enlarge table

𝗡𝘂𝗺𝗯𝗲𝗿 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗲𝘀𝘁𝘀 + 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗳𝗶𝗿𝗺𝗲𝗱 𝗰𝗮𝘀𝗲𝘀

Last updated 11:00 AM [30/10] - ✅ New Data
The below graph maps the number of tests per day and number of new cases per day, for October 2020. The red line shows the NSW goal of conducting ≥ 8,000 COVID-19 tests per day. "New cases" plots the aggregate number of cases across all sources (i.e., overseas, interstate and local).
Click on link/image to enlarge figure

𝗥𝗲𝗰𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝗰𝗹𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀

There are currently 4 clusters. The source of the Liverpool Private Health clinic, Oral Park Community and Lakemba clusters are still unknown.
Liverpool Private Health clinic Liverpool Hospital Dialysis Lakemba GP cluster Oran Park Community*
13 14 17 25
NB: Genome sequencing has drawn a tentative link between the Oran Park cluster and the Lakemba and Liverpool Hospital clusters.

𝗔𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝗘𝗱𝘂𝗰𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹 𝗜𝗻𝘀𝘁𝗶𝘁𝘂𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀

Last updated 11:00 AM [30/10]
Educational Institution TOTAL Reported
Greater Beginnings Childcare Centre 7 Oct: 17
Oran Park High School 1 Oct: 17
Hoxton Park campus of the Malek Fahd Islamic School 2 Oct: 29

𝗦𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲𝘀 𝗼𝗳 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝗳𝗶𝗿𝗺𝗲𝗱 𝗰𝗮𝘀𝗲𝘀

Last updated 9:00 AM [30/10] - ✅ New Data ✅ The below tables are updated most weeknights, as NSW.Data releases new data. NSW.Data does not release data over the weekend.

𝗠𝗼𝗻𝘁𝗵𝗹𝘆 𝘁𝗼𝘁𝗮𝗹𝘀 𝗯𝘆 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲 𝘁𝘆𝗽𝗲

Click on link/image to enlarge table

𝗥𝗲𝗰𝗲𝗻𝘁 𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲 𝘁𝘆𝗽𝗲 𝗯𝘆 𝗟𝗚𝗔 + 𝗣𝗼𝘀𝘁𝗰𝗼𝗱𝗲

Click on link/image to enlarge table

𝗟𝗮𝘁𝗲𝘀𝘁 𝗖𝗢𝗩𝗜𝗗-𝟭𝟵 𝗰𝗮𝘀𝗲 𝗹𝗼𝗰𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀 𝗶𝗻 𝗡𝗦𝗪

For more detailed information and updates, see the NSW Government website.

𝘚𝘦𝘭𝘧-𝘪𝘴𝘰𝘭𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘵𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘦𝘥 𝘪𝘮𝘮𝘦𝘥𝘪𝘢𝘵𝘦𝘭𝘺

Location Time/Date - October
Liverpool: Jasmins Lebanese Restaurant 2pm to 3:30pm on Sunday 25
Leppington: F45 Gym 5:15pm to 6pm on Thursday 15
8:10am to 9:10am on Saturday 17
8:55am to 9:40am on Sunday 18
5:50am to 6:35am on Monday 19
5:50am to 6:35am on Tuesday 20
5:15pm to 6pm on Wednesday 21
6:45am to 7:30am on Thursday 22
9:35am to 10:20am on Friday 23
7:10am to 8:10am on Saturday 24
8:55am to 9:40am on Sunday 25
5:50am to 6:35am on Monday 26
6:45am to 7:30am on Tuesday 27
5:50am to 6:35am on Wednesday 28
Prestons: Flip Out Prestons Indoor Trampoline Park 12pm to 1:50pm on Sunday 25

𝘔𝘰𝘯𝘪𝘵𝘰𝘳 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘴𝘺𝘮𝘱𝘵𝘰𝘮𝘴

Location Time
Auburn: Ali Baba Charcoal Chicken 4pm to 5pm on Sunday 18 October
1pm to 1:20pm on Monday 26 October
Bondi Junction: Westfield Bondi Junction 1:30pm to 4:30pm on Saturday 24 October
Carnes Hill: Carnes Hill Marketplace 3:30pm to 4:30pm on Tuesday 27 October
Condell Park: Watsup Brothers kebab shop 5:30pm to 6pm on Saturday 24 October

Date Bus From To Leave Arrive
14-Oct Bus 840 Oran Park Drive (South Street Circuit) Campbelltown Station 9:40am 10:10am
14-Oct Bus 840 Campbelltown Station Bradbury 3pm 3:30pm
14-Oct Bus 885 Campbelltown Station Bradbury 10:15am 10:45am
14-Oct Bus 885 Bradbury Campbelltown Station 2pm 2:30pm

Areas with increased testing: Camden LGA, Lakemba (suburb), Liverpool LGA, Bayside LGA, Randwick LGA, Waverly LGA
For locations where you may be a casual contact, see here.
For affected public transport routes, see here.
For flights with confirmed cases, see here.

𝗿/𝗖𝗼𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗮𝘃𝗶𝗿𝘂𝘀𝗗𝗼𝘄𝗻𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿 𝗡𝗦𝗪 𝗥𝗲𝘀𝗼𝘂𝗿𝗰𝗲𝘀:

1. NSW daily post: Sources of information
2. Clusters: original identification and source
3. NSW Sewage Surveillance Program
4. NSW-relevant Media and Press Releases
5. Current NSW restrictions
I've seen a lot of great CoronvirusDownunder COVID-19 detectives commenting on the sub recently - if you come across any important information please feel free to send u/pretty_iin_pink a PM! 🙂
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2020.10.30 00:50 GrumpyGillsFungi 😵SCREAM IF YOU’RE GRUMPY 😱$31.31 HALLOWEEN BOX SOLD OUT🚨EXPANDED MENU☹️ $10 or less✨B+, Purple Mystic 🦄, Oak Ridge☢️, Creeper🧟‍♂️, Leucistic GT👻 Beginner Kits 5for$35 - Coupons emailed after just the first order! Grumpy Gills Fungi ❤️

Make sure you follow us to keep up to date on new releases and deals!
Our pop up $31.31 5-Pack mystery box already sold out! Check out our full menu on the site, create an account and earn coupons when you shop🌟
Thank you for keeping us busy, and for supporting our goals! New items and sales coming soon to show how thankful we are🤓
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2020.10.30 00:48 SuperHotUKDeals Quality Street Christmas Chocolate, Toffee and Cremes Tin 1kg - £7 @ Asda

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of it's contributors.
£7 - Asda
Net Content
966 Grams
Life Style
Suitable for Vegetarians.
Allergy Advice
May Contain: Nuts, Peanuts. Contains: Hazelnuts, Milk.
Free From: Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours, Artificial Preservatives.
Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Cocoa Mass, Vegetable Fats (Palm, Rapeseed, Sunflower, Coconut, Mango Kernel/ Sal/ Shea), Sweetened Condensed Skimmed Milk (Skimmed Milk, Sugar), Cocoa Butter, Dried Whole Milk, Glucose-Fructose Syrup, Coconut, Lactose and Proteins from Whey (from Milk), Whey Powder (from Milk), Hazelnuts, Skimmed Milk Powder, Butter (from Milk), Emulsifiers (Sunflower Lecithin, E471), Flavourings, Butterfat (from Milk), Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder, Salt, Lactic Acid, Milk Chocolate contains Milk Solids 14% minimum, Milk and Dark Chocolates contain Vegetable Fats in addition to Cocoa Butter
Nutritional Values
Typical values Per 100g Per Serving**
Energy 1975kJ 374kJ
471kcal 89kcal
Fat 20.5g 3.9g
of which: saturates 11.8g 2.2g
Carbohydrate 67.1g 12.7g
of which: sugars 58.2g 11.0g
Fibre 1.3g 0.3g
Protein 3.6g 0.7g
Salt 0.21g 0.04g
A variety of your favourite iconic individually wrapped sweets. Delicious milk and dark chocolates, toffees, and fruit cremés. Perfect for sharing at Christmas and other celebrations. Includes the famous Green Triangle and The Purple One" as well as the new Chocolate Caramel Brownie!. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
For Quality Street® at its best store in a cool, dry place.
For best before end see rim of base
Store cool and dry
Recycling Info
Not Yet Recycled: Wrap. Widely Recycled: Foil, Tin.
Safety Warning
Important: Young children (less than 4 years) have limited chewing ability and could choke on small sweets.
Product Information
"What's your favourite Quality Street®? With a variety of iconic sweets to choose from, you're sure to bring home everyone's favourites. Every carton of Quality Street® contains a mixture of our famous individually wrapped chocolates, toffees, and Fruit Cremés for everyone to enjoy.
The rustle of sweets, the unmistakable scent of the newly-opened box, and the gleam of each bright, multicoloured wrapper is all part of the joy of Quality Street®.
When you bring home a tin of our famous individually wrapped chocolates, nobody will be able to wait to dig through and find their favourite. Whether you're enjoying these iconic Christmas sweets on the special day or just spending time together as a family, create moments that you can treasure forever with Quality Street®.
Our iconic selection of sweets has been bringing people together since 1936. John Macintosh, the owner of a successful confectionery business in Norwich, sold a deliciously chewy new toffee invented by his wife. When his son inherited the business, he soon created a range of sweets in beautiful wrappers that everyone could enjoy - and Quality Street® was born. Our sweets have been made in Halifax in Yorkshire since 1936, but they are enjoyed all over the world by lovers of delicious chocolate.
You'll know it's Christmas when you see the iconic purple carton for the first time. From The Purple One to Green Triangle, Strawberry Delight to Chocolate Toffee Finger, there's something that everyone in the family can't wait to get their hands on. Open the carton, dig through the sparkling sweets, and discover festive moments that you'll remember forever. "
Brand Marketing
Have your tried Quality Street® Matchmakers? Share a box of Cool Mint, Salted Caramel, or Zingy Orange with friends and family.
Further Description
Nestlé Cocoa Plan is supporting farmers for better chocolate. Nestlé and the Rainforest Alliance work together to help improve the lives of cocoa farmers and the quality of their product. Find out more at
Other Information
Occasionally it is necessary to replace a sweet with another of equally high quality.
1000g inc. wraps
Enjoy, then reuse or recycle
® Reg. Trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.
Nutritional Compass ®
Preparation and Usage
Know Your Servings
2 Sweets = 1 Serving
The chocolates may become white in warm conditions as a result of cocoa butter moving to the surface, but are still safe to enjoy.
Regulated Product Name
Assorted milk and dark chocolates and toffees.
Storage Type
Manufacturer Address
PO Box 203,
YO91 1XY.
Nestlé Ireland,
3030 Lake Drive,
City West,
Dublin 24.
Return To
Contact us Free
UK: 0800 604 604
PO Box 203,
YO91 1XY.
ROI: 00800 6378 5385
Nestlé Ireland,
3030 Lake Drive,
City West,
Dublin 24.
ASDA Product Information
At ASDA, we do everything we can to make sure the information about the products we sell is always as accurate as possible. However, because products are regularly improved, the product information, ingredients, nutritional guides and dietary or allergy advice may occasionally change.
As a result, we recommend that you always read the label carefully before using or consuming any products. Please do not solely rely on the information provided on this website Because of this, ASDA is unable to accept liability for any inaccuracies or incorrect information contained on this site.
If you have any queries, or you'd like advice on any ASDA own label products, please contact our friendly Customer Services team on 0800 952 0101. For up to date information on other products, please speak to the manufacturer.
This does not affect your statutory rights. This information is supplied for personal use only. It must not be reproduced in any way whatsoever without the prior consent of ASDA, nor without due acknowledgement.
This deal can be found on hotukdeals via this link:
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2020.10.30 00:45 stoopyOz add a date range to a metric

I have a report where I am displaying 'annualised cost avoidance' - simply, the total amount we have saved a client, divided by the current month, then times twelve to give us an estimate of total savings expected for the year:
((('Site Total - Modelled Baseline Energy' - 'Site Total Energy')*'Energy Cost') / MONTH)*12
MONTH currently is simply manually entered (i.e. October = 10); can someone share a syntax that would input the month from the studio date range control (date format in my sheet is %Y-%m-%d)
submitted by stoopyOz to GoogleDataStudio [link] [comments]

2020.10.30 00:45 Coralbiscuitx husband coworker tested + yesterday

Hello! So I’m trying not to panic. Here’s the scoop, maybe YALL can ease my mind a little. I’m 23 weeks even tomorrow. My husband was just informed that a coworker out in the field tested positive yesterday. Everyone in contact with said person has already been informed and given a test date. My husband did not get this separate email. However he was at the job site of said coworker last week. His boss was also possibly exposed, she had left early today. My husband has a test scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.
Should I panic? He isn’t having any symptoms and i also feel fine. I’m just really hoping for a negative ladies. Does anyone have any advice? Should I separate myself? Wear a mask when he’s home? I already sanitized all I could.
submitted by Coralbiscuitx to CoronaBumpers [link] [comments]

2020.10.30 00:28 hoser2112 10-29 COVID-19 Update for Santa Clara County

The county reported 113 new cases today, and I count 97 of those falling within the past 7 days. The county reported 2 new deaths. We are currently in the Orange Tier. The state monitoring chart is updated weekly, the site currently lists a daily COVID-19 case per 100k rate of 5.1 (for the week ending 10/17), with an adjusted case rate of 3.4 (there's an adjustment factor depending on how many tests per 100k you do compared against the state average, for Santa Clara's testing rate that adjustment factor is currently 0.674). The health equity metric score is 3.5 (Orange Tier).
City Total Cases New Cases Added Today Total Past 7 Days Daily Average per 100K
Campbell 440 1 20 6.73
Cupertino 151 0 11 2.59
Gilroy 1741 10 70 18.01
Los Altos 135 0 4 1.87
Los Altos Hills 42 0 4 6.71
Los Gatos 209 0 11 5.08
Milpitas 645 2 27 4.98
Monte Sereno 20 0 1 4.09
Morgan Hill 686 3 30 9.77
Mountain View 663 2 17 3.00
OtheUnknown 953 3 42
Palo Alto 334 -1 10 2.13
San Jose 16268 76 659 9.17
Santa Clara 1164 2 36 4.07
Saratoga 136 1 9 4.16
Sunnyvale 1078 8 35 3.28

ZIP Total Cases New Cases Added Today Total Past 7 Days Daily Average per 100K
94022 93 -1 4 2.95
94024 82 1 4 2.38
94040 302 2 7 2.79
94041 143 0 7 6.95
94043 207 0 3 1.36
94085 289 3 14 8.47
94086 367 2 13 3.74
94087 230 1 3 0.75
94089 185 2 6 3.84
94301 117 0 6 4.99
94304 30 -1 -1 -3.66
94305 26 1 3 2.79
94306 129 0 3 1.56
95002 36 0 0 0.00
95008 431 1 20 6.14
95014 147 0 10 2.29
95020 1694 10 67 14.99
95030 61 1 5 5.38
95032 155 -1 7 3.81
95035 643 2 27 4.97
95037 671 3 30 8.30
95046 134 -1 4 9.48
95050 481 2 19 6.88
95051 402 0 11 2.70
95054 270 0 6 3.53
95070 133 1 9 4.11
95110 559 0 34 24.04
95111 1622 4 62 14.20
95112 1047 8 48 11.23
95113 62 1 2 14.74
95116 1623 12 57 14.42
95117 551 3 20 9.66
95118 357 1 19 8.34
95119 73 1 4 5.46
95120 215 1 8 3.03
95121 531 2 16 6.00
95122 1866 8 57 14.09
95123 873 3 32 6.74
95124 329 1 13 3.63
95125 608 2 24 6.40
95126 566 1 37 14.69
95127 1603 8 67 14.57
95128 445 -1 17 6.45
95129 164 0 7 2.51
95130 98 2 8 7.69
95131 272 2 7 3.21
95132 368 1 18 6.15
95133 415 4 10 4.97
95134 178 2 8 4.20
95135 91 0 3 1.92
95136 701 7 49 14.71
95138 194 0 7 4.82
95139 61 0 0 0.00
95148 612 3 23 6.73
The growth of new cases, eliminating the most recent 2 days and then comparing the previous 7 days to the 7 days before that, we end up with 1.00. If we do the same, but eliminate the most recent 5 days, we end up with 1.05. In all cases, a number over 1 means the number of new cases per day is growing, a number less than 1 means the number of new cases per day is shrinking.
The daily average case rate per 100k over the past 7 days (excluding the most recent five days) is 6.34. The adjusted case rate is 4.27. Note that the state uses different data for their tier level calculations, the current difference between my calculations and the state calculations are that my calculations are higher by 0.8.
Note that the date a case is reported on is the date of the first test, not when the results were reported, so the data for the last 5+ days is incomplete and cases will continue to be added to those dates.
Case Date Cases New Cases Added Today
Sep 4 176 1
Sep 5 90 1
Sep 6 45 0
Sep 7 41 0
Sep 8 185 0
Sep 9 205 0
Sep 10 146 1
Sep 11 132 0
Sep 12 84 0
Sep 13 33 0
Sep 14 122 0
Sep 15 226 0
Sep 16 150 0
Sep 17 173 0
Sep 18 131 0
Sep 19 71 0
Sep 20 42 0
Sep 21 123 0
Sep 22 145 0
Sep 23 138 0
Sep 24 115 0
Sep 25 100 1
Sep 26 54 0
Sep 27 38 0
Sep 28 96 0
Sep 29 143 0
Sep 30 116 0
Oct 1 122 0
Oct 2 121 0
Oct 3 65 0
Oct 4 43 0
Oct 5 84 0
Oct 6 152 0
Oct 7 130 0
Oct 8 128 1
Oct 9 113 0
Oct 10 88 0
Oct 11 44 0
Oct 12 136 0
Oct 13 149 0
Oct 14 144 -1
Oct 15 159 0
Oct 16 110 0
Oct 17 66 1
Oct 18 40 1
Oct 19 140 0
Oct 20 197 0
Oct 21 150 1
Oct 22 133 6
Oct 23 147 9
Oct 24 64 8
Oct 25 44 11
Oct 26 71 32
Oct 27 30 29
Oct 28 2 2

Lab report, no surprises today. The average test positive rate over the past 7 days (excluding the most recent three days) is 1.68%.
Positive Negative New Positive Tests Today New Negative Tests Today Test Positive Rate
Sep 29 173 9127 0 0 1.86%
Sep 30 141 9277 0 0 1.50%
Oct 1 140 6997 0 0 1.96%
Oct 2 139 7781 0 0 1.76%
Oct 3 78 3942 0 0 1.94%
Oct 4 54 2538 0 0 2.08%
Oct 5 101 8367 0 0 1.19%
Oct 6 166 10751 0 0 1.52%
Oct 7 150 9979 0 0 1.48%
Oct 8 146 8883 0 0 1.62%
Oct 9 135 8102 0 0 1.64%
Oct 10 103 3985 0 0 2.52%
Oct 11 52 2624 0 0 1.94%
Oct 12 154 7567 0 0 1.99%
Oct 13 173 11268 0 0 1.51%
Oct 14 166 10933 0 1 1.50%
Oct 15 183 10402 0 0 1.73%
Oct 16 129 9378 0 0 1.36%
Oct 17 87 4527 0 0 1.89%
Oct 18 51 2725 1 1 1.84%
Oct 19 156 9971 0 1 1.54%
Oct 20 232 11986 0 6 1.90%
Oct 21 169 10787 2 5 1.54%
Oct 22 149 9954 6 10 1.47%
Oct 23 171 9417 13 152 1.78%
Oct 24 73 4163 8 416 1.72%
Oct 25 50 2296 12 805 2.13%
Oct 26 83 8107 38 3853 1.01%
Oct 27 41 5054 37 4644 0.80%
Oct 28 2 347 2 347 0.57%

Hospitalizations, using the state dashboard there are 18 cases in the ICU, down 1, and 82 total cases hospitalized, up 3. Using the county dashboard, there are 19 cases in the ICU, unchanged, 83 total cases hospitalized, up 5, and 17 new admissions.
submitted by hoser2112 to bayarea [link] [comments]

2020.10.30 00:23 MrSixtyFour 7 years of friendship between a friend (29F) and I (29M) wasted away due to lies.

Within the 7 years i have known this person, whom i have always been there for and trusted now made me feel used, manipulated and unappreciated. Lied to.
This all started when she met a new friend she found a on an online dating site (Bi-Sexual). I also met them as well and things became more strange and shady as time went on. My friend began to tell me a lot of lies. Pushing her faults so that I am the one in the wrong when some drama happens between us and the girl she met. All along, i knew that they were hiding a lesbian relationship from me but they actually left enough evidence for me to confirm it. She kept denying it although I already knew. They have used me as an excuse multiple times in various situations to avoid suspicion from parents. As in "yeah, he was there too".
A lot of drama happened here and there and i realized they all came from the lies she has made and she obviously couldn't keep up with the lies she has told me.
All the lies she made to me (whether it was concerning her lesbian relationship or not) made me re-think what kind of a friend she is. I started to question her beliefs and values. None of which held up with myself and some others we mutually know. I understand for various reasons why she kept things secret because of her family but this is beyond that. She has told lies to emotionally provoke me and that is something i do not want from a friend. Her lies made herself unhealthy, myself in bad emotional states and has affected me and our mutual friends. I am on the verge of just ending my 7 years of friendship with her. I have had enough of it.
TL;DR Lying isn't healthy. It will ultimately affect YOU and it will become YOUR silent killer.
submitted by MrSixtyFour to relationships [link] [comments]

2020.10.30 00:15 Kyzrati Cogmind Beta 10.2 "Forbidden Lore: Cogmind the ARG"

Forbidden Lore: Cogmind the ARG
It's a special event for Halloween, and more!
Starting today and for the entire next month, playing Cogmind automatically enters a new mode built as part of a Cogmind/roguelike/tech-themed ARG. Unlike previous special modes, this one doesn't actually make sweeping gameplay changes, but instead challenges you to hunt for clues with help from, scouring the game and internet for passwords to special lore. More on that later...
As you'll see in the changelog, this release is clearly much bigger than just the event, scoping larger than planned as I started early on work to make some of the balance adjustments scheduled for Beta 11. There is still a lot more to come on that front, but a few items were either more urgent, or just things I felt like prioritizing a bit to see how they pan out as considerations regarding the bigger areas of the upcoming rebalance continue to get hashed out on Discord and the GSG forums.
Beta 10.2 also includes a bit of new content, but I'll be leaving that for players to discover.

Cogmind Beta 10.2 "Forbidden Lore: Cogmind the ARG" (201030) changelog:

(I didn't highlight "more important" entries in the changelog like I normally do, since the vast majority were being highlighted anyway when I went to do that :P)
Saves from earlier versions are incompatible with Beta 10.2, but even if you're on Steam and Cogmind automatically updates, Beta 10/10.1 is still available via its own legacy branch and you can roll back to finish a run in progress first if you like.
As with any other release, I might do quick unannounced hotfixes in the coming hours or days if players discovereport something new and urgent (the chance is somewhat higher with 10.2 because this release went without the usual prerelease playtesting by Patrons to keep it a surprise for everyone). We now have an even more specific version check system based on build number, so if you're playing and have the News feature active, it'll remind when you're playing without the most recent hotfix.

Let the ARG Begin!

Cogmind is pretty big on lore, creating a deeper world with its various factions, NPCs, and the stories they share. And there's so much more room out there! In the lore you can already find references to pieces of the world which don't currently exist, some of them likely to happen one day (some of them guaranteed :P), but reliable information is spotty. This Halloween event will fill a few gaps and also give glimpses of other locations and inhabitants of Tau Ceti IV.
Starting from the event's home page, at the bottom you'll see your first hint. Hints suggest where in the game world you'll find either a password or another clue as to how to obtain the password, and with that password you can follow the link on the event page to the next level, which will also reward you with FORBIDDEN LORE (and usually a bit of art to go with it). For simplicity the username at every level is always simply "cogmind", it's the password that will be unique each time and that's what you'll have to figure out. In-game clues can take a variety of forms, but are always presented as some sort of text, be it NPC dialogue, a special announcement, etc.
Although I know at least a few people who could definitely complete this entire challenge on their own, not everyone will be capable of figuring out every step alone. Don't be afraid to ask the community for tips or additional hints along the way at various levels where you need it. I'm sure there'll be plenty of discussion and help available on the Discord.
Working together with others to solve the mysteries would also make it easier to rise through the levels more quickly, since multiple runs will be required to follow every hint. I suggest using a new password on the site immediately after discovering it, in case the next hint is somewhere still within reach in your current run, in order to achieve it more quickly.
This being an ARG, most of the passwords are actually found outside the game itself.
Good luck :)

ARG Addendum

Shout out to PlasticHeart for putting together the CogFont based on fonts developed for the game, which came in quite handy when making the event website :D
Forbidden Lore mode will automatically activate for you on new runs started on or after 10/29 (through November), if you've played at least 10 runs before.
If you want to play beyond the end of the event, or regardless of your run count, you can still force it by adding a command line parameter when running COGMIND.EXE: "-forceMode:ForbiddenLore". Within Steam this is handled by going to Cogmind > Properties > Set Launch Options, like this example from Player2 mode earlier this year.
(Note that although the event mode will be accessible after the period is over, and likely also in future versions, but I can't 100% guarantee that it will be fully completable forever since, as an ARG, advancing relies on the presence of information found outside the game, elsewhere on the internet.)
If you want to play a regular run during the event, you can suppress date-based event triggering by adding the "-noSpecialMode" command line parameter.
If the event mode is active, you'll see a notice in your message log on startup.
*(though again this mode doesn't really affect much in the way of gameplay, even though runs in this mode will technically go to a separate leaderboard)


Beta 10.2 includes a fair number of nerfs, and the changelog itself isn't nearly as balanced as I like to keep it (an equal helping of both buffs and nerfs/new features is best), but we'll be getting plenty more buffs and fun stuff to play with in Beta 11, and in this release I just took advantage of the opportunity to prioritize responding to areas the community has been cheesing the hardest by moving up planned changes, or just increasing the overall challenge level of various parts of the game.
Also a number of the nerfed bits here were intentionally introduced as OP features with the intention of tweaking them after seeing how they were used.
On that note, against the trend there is a new potentially OP weapon you might be able to get your hands on ;)
To address some of the biggest changes here...
All those easily-hackable single-tile door terminals that were a major security liability for 0b10 are a thing of the past. They now do nothing more than open their door, as opposed to providing one after another weak backdoor into the mapwide system :P (i.e., no indirect hacks there). All such terminals now also have unique names so they're even more recognizable at a distance, the majority simply being called "Door Terminal," although this change also applies to the other instances of special-purpose terminals that control something nearby.
Prior to now, with assistance from door terminals a good hacker could very easily end up with far more terminal resources than they could reasonably need and exhaust, especially in certain branches with lots of blast doors. Now instead of simply running out of hacking target ideas, these builds may in some cases have to be a little more selective, or in some cases have a (slightly? xD) harder time getting access to a suitable Terminal on short notice.
This change does also negatively impact builds that could only effectively use low-level Terminals to begin with, but those builds have had numerous buffs over previous releases to begin with.
Another change related mostly to flight-hack builds is that alert is now also raised when enemies lose track of you! The primary hostile interaction for gaining alert has traditionally been through destruction, but if you're zipping all over the place frequently attracting attention then slipping away it makes sense that the Complex should respond to that, too.
I'm really interested to see the results of this change, which could add a bit of pressure to flight runs and make stealth approaches that much more enticing rather than simply outrunning everything but then safely remaining on the same map. The amount of alert involved here might be further tweaked, but we'll see how it pans out in the current release first.
Also the current result of high alert accrued via this method will be assault dispatches, as usual, but the response will be different in future versions--I just haven't gotten to that point and added this bit first.
Programmer allies were nerfed by making them unable to hack if disarmed, a sad loss because it was quite fun to have a disarmed hacker friend literally owning everything, when it happens naturally, but players were starting to intentionally create these OP allies so that behavior had to be removed and put them on par with hostile Programmers.
Master Thieves got a pretty significant overhaul. They've been in the game for a while now but no one was really taking advantage of them until much more recently. Even more changes are probably in order, but the related mechanics are no longer quite so abusable.
A range of individual parts were adjusted as per the changelog, mostly nerfs of various degrees, although you've also got single-slot Terrabombs now, which will make those a lot more enticing (technically that and a few other items on the list were modified as part of silent post-release 10.1 updates, but are included in the changelog this time around since they were otherwise not recorded or announced here).
There's not a ton of QoL like we usually have each release, but I did add Escape key support for recentering on Cogmind while cycling through multiple drone views with Enter:


Cogminder aoemica has built a wonderful tool, dubbed Cog-Minder, a very convenient site to filter and search through Cogmind's many items.
Notice the Spoiler button there which can be toggled on to include everything, even uniques and other special parts you'll only find in mid-/late-game branches or the extended game. You can leave that off if you're just starting out and want an unspoiled experience but would like to examine "regular" parts.
Over on my Twitch channel I streamed my first Beta 10 run, a hover run that eventually went on to obtain one of the new endings.
That's the first of five videos, a looooong run because 1) it hit a ton of locations and 2) there was a lot of discussion along the way :P. (More recently on the channel I'm trying out the space roguelike Prospector, which is pretty cool.)
Starting this week over on Patreon we're also voting for secondary QoL features that patrons want to prioritize for Beta 11, so the results from that should probably be known by the time the next announcement comes around.
We know what happened after a good year or more of players joking about the possibility of "Combat Swarmers" (TRACKERS!). Well, the long-running joke that followed that is "Combat Recyclers." Hmm...
submitted by Kyzrati to Cogmind [link] [comments]

2020.10.30 00:11 helpmePermy Is there an easier way to find out your highest paid week when applying for EI?

There's a list of things on the EI site that we need before applying. I have everything but the following:
the dates, Sunday to Saturday, and earnings for each of your highest paid weeks of insurable earnings Footnote1 in the last 52 weeks or since the start of your last EI claim, whichever is the shorter period. This information will be used, along with your Record(s) of Employment, to calculate your benefit rate.
They can't possibility ask use to manually go through the old pay stubs to count this right? How else do we figure out this info? (And is this only applicable to one job?)
submitted by helpmePermy to EICERB [link] [comments]

2020.10.29 23:56 jacob45678 Dating a camgirl - she doesn’t know I know

This is a weird one and I’m pretty sure I’m in the wrong here.
I (35M) have been dating my girlfriend (27F) for four months now. We met at work (regular boring office job) and started seeing each other from there.
The problem is that she is a pretty averagely popular camgirl from my city on a live porn cam site, and I knew this from the day we met. I knew I recognised her from somewhere but had no clue where, until it quickly clicked and I never ever brought it up until now.
She still has no idea that I know and I feel like an asshole for not telling her by now, but at this point it’ll look worse if I tell her. I don’t care about her camming, she can do it if she likes and I’ll support her but she will probably get the wrong idea. She’ll think I was using her for sex or whatever when I really genuinely love her.
I tried to drop hints to get her to tell me, like asking her why she spent so much money on a fancy camera or why she has so many toys. She made up excuses for all.
I’ve also occasionally watched her shows out of curiosity and it feels so wrong even though I’m her boyfriend. Is it bad for me to be watching without her knowing? Even though it’s freely out in public?
Have I fucked this up? Should I tell her? Better late than never? Or should I keep my mouth closed until she eventually tells me and act surprised?
tl;dr- My gf is a camgirl. I’ve always known and occasionally watch her shows. She doesn’t know I know. Is there any coming back from this?
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2020.10.29 23:53 monsieur-creosote monsieur-creosote: #25 The Intern (2015)

Date started:10/29/20 Date finished: 10/29/20
Synopsis (from IMDb): Seventy-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin.
Rating: 7/10
This was recommended to me by an acquaintance. Not a typical movie for me, but hey, it’s got Robert DeNiro in it.
Speaking of which, he was really good in this, as is usually the case with him. I swear, he could read an instruction manual and make it amazing. The other main actor, Anne Hathaway, did a good job but honestly, I don’t like Anne Hathaway in any role. It’s not that she’s a bad actor, I’m just not a fan of her.
The main characters were really well developed. The supporting characters? They were truly supporting characters. But that’s fine, this is all about DeNiro’s character developing a bond with Hathaway’s character.
And that bond was super interesting. The way the characters interacted was really well-done and gripping, as well as the the relationships they built with each other.
Even though that was interesting, I was kind of annoyed by Anne Hathaway’s character. I didn’t really find her likeable and that’s a detractor for me. Same with a couple of the supporting characters.
Other than that, the movie (I think partially because of the direction) felt very modern/“21st century” and that didn’t really impress me.
Overall: A great dramedy with a decently interesting premise. I appreciated the focus on the character’s lives and the building relationships, which was really well-done. That being said, a few of the characters were sort of unlikeable and it would’ve gotten a higher rating, were it not for that. Still worth a watch.
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2020.10.29 23:43 silent_sneeze Help on blocked account

Hey how's it going?
I recently moved back from the USA to Europe. I swear I didn't do some weird shit or anything to upset tinder, but I was blocked. The only thing I did was change continents and phone numbers twice. From the USA number to a European one and then I switched contacts and numbers again...and then I was blocked. (The blocked screen says I may have went against the community guidelines...idk how :( ) Tried to log in with new email and didn't work. Used a number from a buddy, still blocked...okay it's phone my profile is liked to my phone.
I really don't know what I did wrong. I really hate complaining but the other dating sites are shit.
If something has any idea let me know...I'd like to speak to a tinder representative to state my case, but haven't found any info how to do that.
All the best, Silentsneeze ✌🏾
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2020.10.29 23:38 Nameless_Archon Thirty-Eight Days of Dwarf: Day 29 (Extra Life 2020!) 7pm EDT!

----------------------------------------Who's this guy?----------------------------------------
Hey guys!
I'm Nameless_Archon, and I provide tutorials on how to play Dwarf Fortress every year (health permitting) while I try to raise money for sick kids.
What in the name of the glowing pits is this about?
It is time to return to our roots, and so we shall: Thirty. Eight. Days. Of. Dwarf.
Starting on 10/1 and proceeding through the Extra Life 2019 Game Day event on 11/7, I'm going to stream and teach what little I know.
Dwarves. Every. Single. Day.
----------------------------------------But why?----------------------------------------
I like to do things when there's more than one reason to do them:
-------------------------So how's this going to work?-------------------------
We've started out like I usually do - streaming a basic, sustainable fortress. However, the reality of the situation is that thirty-three days of Basic Base Building 101 is going to probably bore the pants off people (including me) and I don't really want things to be boring. So we're going to have to do a few things along the way to try to spice things up, and along the way likely reveal that I'm just an average player like everyone else. (Dwarves dying of starvation and frostbite on a glacier? Likelier than you think!)
Basically, I'll stream in the evenings most days for a few hours. On Saturdays and Sundays, we'll generally run a little longer, but I'm going to stream every day until 11/7 even if it means I have to get up at 3am to do it. On 11/7, we're going to culminate with a 24-hour long livestream, as part of the worldwide Extra Life charity event.
I don't use Twitter, Facebook, etc. and people may want to donate to Extra Life 2020, even if they're not supporting my efforts directly. Feel free to share my donations link, or to direct people to the charity's main page.
--------------------------So what's in it for viewers?---------------------------
Well, aside from helping to support my local children's hospital (good vibes, ho!) I'll be pushing out tutorial game(s) live on stream as part of the event. Your donations are a spur in that direction applied to my backside. You can even attend the event with me, since I'll be broadcasting live on my stream the whole time!
...but if that's not enough for you?
Anonymous or not, everyone will know you're supporting kids that need it.
If you're not naming him something awful, it'll even happen. You're welcome to request a trade for the dwarf, if I have one suitable to match it! If we run more than one fort, donator dwarves will show up in all forts after the one where you donated!
If none are available, I'll have to use a migrant. (We call this 'Early cat catches the dwarf'. Move fast.) As above, if you donate on the first fort of our event, we'll put that same dwarf into the starting seven every fort thereafter!
Want me to embark on a reanimating evil biome with a necromancer next door? It's your call. I'll save the current stream fort, and start a new one on the spot with settings as close to your request as I can manage on the fly, and run with it until it dies or I do. If someone else flips the script on you before I finish, you can either donate again to flip if back or wait for their fort to exhaust before I resume yours. Your choice. (We call this one 'Last dwarf gets the sock.')
Some limits on this are required for sanity's sake. Let's talk first.
At some point, I'll get back to the stream fort, but for a truly generous donation, I'm 100% willing to give up some time and show off anything you'd like, live and on the spot. You can find a link to my Steam profile (which contains a list of potential games I could probably get set up for streaming) here if you're considering this. (And if it's something we can do multiplayer, we can even try that too, which would be a stream first.)
Wait....Thirty days of tutorials for Dwarf Fortress as part of a charity drive?
Thirty-eight days, actually. It was the wife's idea - she suggested that you folks might like to get a newer version of my original tutorial, and that this might be a good avenue to combine hardcore Dwarf Fortress fanatics, who are already a generous and supporting community, with a charitable cause to support. I didn't have much luck finding a flaw in her reasoning, so I bit the bullet and advertised it at work, too, despite my trepidation regarding drawing personal attention there. (Last year, they contributed only a sixth of our total collection, because the players and viewers - people like you and I - were far more generous!)
------------------------- New and Uncertain Players: ----------------------
We'll be putting the newest version of the starter pack and Dwarf Fortress through its paces as we (attempt to) start a new tutorial series for v 0.47.04. (Note: If there's an update and it seems relatively bug free, I'll try for the newer version, but I'm aiming this at newer players, so trying to ride the cutting edge isn't really in the cards.)
Past demonstrations (From v.34 to present) have included glaciers, deserts, sites with necromancer towers adjacent (like Day 1 this year...) as well as discussion on how to influence worldgen to get what you want. Our first one will be a more sedate embark, designed and chosen for relatively newer players, and we'll start with worldgen as though we're looking at a fresh install.
My goal for "Tutorial Night" is to walk new players through an embark using the DF Starter Pack. (Explicit thanks to PeridexisErrant and others who I admire for their dedication, which is studded with perseverance and ringed with bands of my gratitude! Without those efforts, a tutorial for installing and configuring everything for the game and its add-ons would be a sizable task unto itself. I've actually devoted many hours of stream to demonstrating it 'the hard way'!)
Along the way, I'll provide examples of the setup and tools I use to play Dwarf Fortress, as a guidepost for new players.
What I'm really trying to do is give new players a reference point they can come back to on how to set up a world, embark on a site, and stand a reasonable chance of employing a fairly basic and standard design to build a workable fortress wherever they may need to start one.
Stream Info:
The channel rules are simple: Respect Wheaton's Law and you'll be fine. Just don't expect the content of the broadcast to be 100% suitable for children; Sorry, kids. I'm much too low-brow for a guaranteed clean broadcast. Get your parents' permission, etc etc.
If you have questions you might like answered with a demonstration, and not simply a quick post in the weekly questions thread, I'm your guy. I'll do my best to demonstrate just about anything you can think up - aquifers, megaprojects and magma pistons aside. (Minecarts may get covered, but don't expect anything computational or timer based - I'm a casual player, not a dwarven mechanical engineer.)
You can view the stream here, as well as on the donations page for Extra Life.
Later Goals:
At some point in this fortress, I'll walk players through my 'most commonly used' tools in DFHack and in the utilities that come packaged in the DF Starter Pack and how I use them to construct a simple, basic, and tightly run fortress that can support as many dwarves as my PC can haul, defend itself against all comers, and handle just about anything. I also will demonstrate Quickfort at some point for those who've never taken advantage of it!
We'll certainly touch on Dwarf Therapist, and discuss how I use it to control the behavior and organization of my ants dwarves, including a demonstration of custom professions in action. Sound will be provided by Soundsense so that you're not listening to me play in silence during any lulls, and the off-topic interaction between the audience and myself tends toward the lively (and often ribald).
New players, your questions (no matter how 'silly' you may think they are) are 100% welcome, as they're the whole point to the broadcast! Join us and ask them!
If you can't make it (or are not willing to brave my often vulgar displays of unsuitability) and still have questions you can't seem to figure out, post them in the DF Bi-Weekly Questions Thread for this week and I'll do my best to help you overcome your obstacles, if the expert players haven't gotten there first!
(Obligatory: Yesss... Join usss... Join the Dark Side... We have cookies!)
------------------------ More advanced players: ------------------------------
On that note, experienced players who want to follow along are certainly welcome (and often manage to teach me a thing or two, directly or not) but the main thrust of the stream will be to help new players get over the introductory hump to start playing at a deeper level, so you may find yourself paying less attention to the pace of the stream and more attention to your fellow audience members. I do love having a few veterans show up, though, because my fortress designs always get better when I'm shown a method I've never used!
--------------------------------Parting Words----------------------------------------
Please don't go. The children need you.
Please donate if you are able.
On behalf of Riley and Extra Life: Thank you, in advance, for your generosity!
------------------------ !!EVENT NAVIGATION BAR!! ---------------------------
<= Prior Day (Day 28) - Next Event (Day 30) =>
----------------------------------------Progress Readout---------------------------
  1. Pre-Broadcast: Completed. You're reading it. You could have read it before this, but I'm lazy and I'm blaming the Automod, since that was the real reason one time a few years ago. Don't tell anyone.
  2. Thirty-Eight Days of Dwarf: This is tonight from 7pm-10pm EDT! Within 14 days, the VOD will still be up at Twitch (-link pending-) but after that, you'll need to wait for a Youtube upload, which may take some time.
  3. Day 29 Youtube Upload ( -link pending- ) is pending broadcast completion!
Special thanks to this year's donators!
- Clinodev (!) - still wants a wax worker!
- Valdimar (!) - randomly selected for engraving and spelunking, depending on the whims of fate! Now with apprentices!
- Estacaco
- Marshall DK (!)
- Veliq (!)
- Sicarius (!) - a mason, and now a priest!
- Adrian (!) - A carpenter!
- (!! ☼ Kruggsmashdf and his Bearded Bastards ☼ !!)
- BlindIRL
- Derek (!)
- Driflo (!)
- Thomas (!)
- AdamFedo (!)
- Tomric (!)
We're also 82% of the way to our initial goal, and just a little over halfway to our stretch goal of breaking our previous record!
---------------------------------- Fortresses To Date ------------------------------
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2020.10.29 23:23 ElongatedMuskrat Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Launch Campaign Thread


Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich

(a.k.a. Sentinel-6A, Jason CS-A, Copernicus Sentinel-6A)
The Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich spacecraft is developed and operated by the European Organization for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites (EUMETSAT), ESA, NASA and NOAA. The primary mission of Sentinel-6 is to provide ocean surface topography data via a suite of instruments including synthetic aperture radar, and includes a secondary GNSS radio occultation payload to gather atmospheric temperature profile data. Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich is the first of two Sentinel-6 satellites which will operate in the same orbit as, and eventually replace, previous Jason satellites. The primary contractor is Airbus. For more Sentinel-6 spacecraft information see the Links & Resources section below.
This mission will launch aboard a Falcon 9 from SLC-4E, Vandenberg Air Force Base and is SpaceX's first and only California launch in 2020. SpaceX does not have any fairing catcher ships on the west coast. The booster will return to land at LZ-4. On October 3 an "early-start" engine anomaly caused the abort of the first GPS III SV04 launch attempt. Following investigation one Merlin engine on this booster core, B1063, has been replaced without delay to this launch.
Launch target: November 10 19:31 UTC (11:31 AM local)
Backup date TBA
Static fire TBA
Customer NASA (launch contract)
Payload Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich
Payload mass 1440 kg
Operational orbit 1336 km x 66° (non-sun synchronous LEO)
Vehicle Falcon 9 v1.2 Block 5
Core B1063
Past flights of this core None
Fairing catch attempt No
Launch site SLC-4E, Vandenberg Air Force Base, California
Landing LZ-4
Mission success criteria Successful separation & deployment of the customer spacecraft.

Links & Resources

We will attempt to keep the above text regularly updated with resources and new mission information, but for the most part, updates will appear in the comments first. Feel free to ping us if additions or corrections are needed. This is a great place to discuss the launch, ask mission-specific questions, and track the minor movements of the vehicle, payload, weather, and more as we progress towards launch. Approximately 24 hours before liftoff, the launch thread will go live and the party will begin there.
Campaign threads are not party threads. Normal subreddit rules still apply.
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2020.10.29 23:20 Loopy_doop COVID-19 MEGATHREAD 30/10/20

Download the StopCOVID NI Mobile App
Received or missed a phone call from 02895368888 (would recommend adding this number to your phone's contacts app), or a text message from ‘HSC Testing’ instructing you to self-isolate? Follow the advice immediately and follow through until the end of the 14 day period!
Current Restrictions
Proper Mask Use
NI DoH Dashboard - last updated 29/10/20
Date 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th
Cases 1,252 923 896 727 722 840 822
Deaths 5 6 8 5 13 9 8
Tests 9,659 7,733 7,454 4,893 7,465 7,318 8,268
+ve Rate (%) 12.96 11.94 12.02 14.86 9.67 11.48 9.94

361 (+9) inpatients currently in hospital with COVID-19:

44 (=) currently in ICU
39 (+2) ventilated.
105 (+5) currently active care home outbreaks.

LGD – 29/10/20 Cases TOTAL Deaths TOTAL
Antrim & N 61 2,421 0 70
Ards & N D 32 1,669 0 52
Armagh, B & C 75 3,256 2 77
Belfast 166 9,310 1 184
Causeway & G 48 1,926 0 42
Derry & S 86 5,348 0 45
F & Omagh 40 1,391 0 16
Lisburn & C 73 2,599 3 61
M & E Antrim 59 1,704 0 48
Mid Ulster 103 3,319 1 40
Newry, M & D 61 3,233 1 48
Unknown 18 1,040 0 5
TOTAL 822 37,216 8 688
NISRA Deaths Registered: (2020 to 16/10/20): 930

Ireland's COVID-19 Data Hub - last updated 29/10/20

Date 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th
Cases 777 859 1,025 939 720 675 866
Deaths 7 4 0 3 5 6 6
Tests 17,746 17,572 * 17,527 11,453 11,167 15,315
+ve Rate (%) 4.38 4.89 * 5.36 6.29 6.04 5.65
*Test numbers aren't provided on Sundays

Total deaths stands at: 1,902 (+6)

330 (+3) confirmed cases in hospital.
43 (+2) currently in ICU.

COVID-19 in the UK - last updated 29/10/20

Date 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th
Cases 20,530 23,012 19,790 20,890 22,885 24,701 23,065
Deaths 224 174 151 102 367 301 280
Tests 340,132 * * 321,113 261,885 280,995 308,763
+ve Rate (%) 6.04 * * 6.5 8.73 8.79 7.47
*Test numbers aren't provided on weekends.
Total deaths within 28 days of positive test: 45,955 (as of 29/10/20)
Total deaths with Covid-19 on death certificate: 58,925 (as of 16/10/20)

10,308 patients in hospital (27/10/20)
902 patients in ventilator beds (27/10/20)
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